Praise for Oliver Darley and Chad Lelong

one of the UK’s greatest white voices
— B.B. king
thank you for a wonderful evening’s entertainment
— Sir Paul McCartney
there’s no one who sings quite like him
— Jamie Cullum
great music!
— Bill Clinton
now that boy can sing
— Lamont Dozier
excuse me, where are the ladies’ toilets?
— Chelsea Clinton
Oliver is a marvellous singer with so much power in reserve
— Arif Mardin
thank you, here is £20
— Koo Stark
a voice that curls your toes, vibrates in your spine and causes your mouth to drop open
— Evening Standard
who are you?
— Sir Elton John
one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard
— Darren Henderson, Sony BMG
great playing, thanks
— Jools Holland
blessed with the kind of voice that can melt chocolate at fifty paces
I’ll give you £20 if you can play Piano Man
— Johnny Vegas
when your vocal cords are as strong as his, nothing is impossible
— Belfast Telegraph
his voice has a fat, belting middle range, and he can swoop up to encompass the near-falsetto high notes of a piece and still sound as if he has power in reserve
— The Guardian